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As a proven engineer in a commercial laundry facility, your skillset is in high demand and there are lots of opportunities open to you. Work for an employer that treats you well, receive the compensation you deserve, and live where you desire to.

At Linen Recruiter, we will take the time to understand a candidate’s skills, experience, career goals, and preferences. This allows us to present opportunities that are well-matched to the your profile, leading to a more efficient job search.

Why work with Linen Recruiter?

Find the Best Chief Engineering and Maintenance Jobs in Laundry

Exclusive Job Openings

If you are open to opportunities, working with Linen Recruiter will match you to employers with openings that are often never posted anywhere else online.

Top Compensation

Our clients are offering top paying compensation packages, excellent benefits, and tremendous growth opportunities.

Market Insights

Our laundry headhunter is attuned to market trends, including salary ranges, demand for certain skills, and insights into the current state of the industry. Linen Recruiter can offer advice on how to best position yourself for success.

Negotiation Support

We have experience in salary negotiations and can provide valuable guidance to candidates during the offer stage. Our insights often help candidates secure better compensation packages.


We understand that experienced candidate are usually currently employed and looking for new opportunities discreetly. Our recruiter can maintain confidentiality throughout the process, sparing the candidate from potential risks associated with an open job search.

Finding the Best Chief Engineer and Maintenance Manager Careers in the Laundry Industry

That’s our goal. Our recruiter, Matt Smith, uses insider knowledge and expertise to navigate potential chief engineer job openings in search of the best talent. If that’s you – we should talk.

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We know that skilled, talented candidates give us the stellar reputation we need to continually provide top-notch placements to our client base. So it’s important to us that you are well-matched with positions that will let you excel at what you do best. If you’re open to career opportunities we recommend: